2016 Annual Meeting Presentations

After the Annual Meeting the presentations will be here for review (click on the link below to open it in another window)  This link will take you to all files (Click Here)

Meeting Introduction: Dr Gregory Gahm

Meeting Introduction: Dr Leslie Eber

CHCA/CCAL Update: Doug Farmer, President and CEO

CDPHE State of the State: Jo Tansey, Section Manager of Nursing Facilities

Telligen Update: Christine LaRocca, MD

Ombudsman Update: Anne Meier, State Ombudsman

CMDA/Univ of Colorado Research Highlights: Rebecca Boxer, MD

Morning Educational Sessions

Clinical Issues in LTC

  • Anticoagulation Update: Steven Atkinson, PA-C
  • CHF ad HTN Management in LTC: Rebecca Boxer, MD
  • Dermatology in Geriatrics: Meg Lemon, MD
  • DM Management in LTC: Gretchen Orosz, MD

Electronic Sources of Educational Materials for LTC

  • Dr Anneberg
  • Dr Goldberg

QAPI Training Part 1 Dallas Nelson MD CMD FACP and Cari Levy MD CMD PhD

Administrative Issues in LTC

  • Effective Use of the Medical Director: Carol Manteuffel JD RN
  • Dispatch Health: Mark Prather, MD
  • Improving Quality with Telligen’s Invaluable Help: Linda Savage, RN BSN
  • The Infection Prevention Unit Manager: April Burdorf, RN BSN

Hospice Issues: Moderators: Robert Howe DO, Don Murphy MD, Jean Abbott MD

  • Making the MOST of Advance Directives: Don Murphy, MD
  • Conversations and Counseling – Strategies and Approaches: Jean Abbott, MD
  • PROXY – What’s on the horizon: Jean Abbott, MD
  • Pain management for the Dementia Patient: Rob Howe, DO

Antibiotic Use in LTC: Dr’s Jenkins, Wald and Yogo

  • Antibiotic Stewardship: DR Tim Jenkins, MD
  • UTI Diagnosis & Treatment: Heidi Wald, MD
  • Skin & Soft Tissue Infections: Nori Yogo, MD
  • Panel Discussion: Appropriate Use of Antibiotics in NH: