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Nov 3 2015 CMDA Agenda

Transfer Pole Recommendations

Telehealth Guidelines 8-20-15 Colorado Board of Medicine

September 2015 Meeting Agenda and Literature

Sept 1 CMDA Agenda

FF Appr Urin Cath Use Edit ANN 15

FF Approp Urinary Cath Use ANN 15

LE Short Course Abx Abd Infx NEJM 15

MN Anticholinergics Dementia JAMA 15

MN Inapp Meds in Dementia JAMA 14

LTC ADE Trigger Tool

NCC MERP ADE Fact sheet_2015-02-v91

NCC MERPP _Color 2001-06-12


August 4, 2015 Meeting Agenda – August 4 2015 CMDA agenda

  • SNFs Signed Up with Boxer for CHF Study – CMDA Potential CHF Sites – Boxer
  • SSTIs in LTC: Yogo
  • EDR Update:
  • Dying in an ALF: Dee Reda Section Manager for ALF’s: if a person resides in an ALF they are allowed to stay there on hospice, if appropriate services can be provided
  • Controlled Substance Task Force: Miller
  • Research Grant Update & Coming Survey of CMDA Members: Wald: Eber, Boxer, Tyrrell
  • Virtual Medical Directors: Anneberg, Feinsod, Gahm, Fraser
  • MSHC Update: Murphy, Koets, Howe
  • Journal Club Summary: Gahm, Feinsod, Eber, Novelli
  • Midyear Pharmacy Meeting?
  • CMDA Annual Meeting Planning: Gahm
    • Clinical A, Clinical B, QAPI, CHCA, MSHC,   April 22; DU


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November 2014 Monthly Meeting Articles

Risk of GI Bleeding from SSRIs with or without NSAIDs

Risk of CNS Hemorrhage from SSRIs

SSRIs and Brain Hemorrhage



Nominations for AMDA Awards

Telligen QIO NH Participation Agreement

email to NNHQCC participants

October 2014 Monthly Meeting Articles

Telligen CO Announcement

Telligen Press Release QIN QIO Award

Electronic Death Registration (EDR) 2014

Telligen QIO NH Participation Agreement

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Aug 5 Agenda-2014

Tramadol Change to Scheduled Rx

XA Inhibitors or Warfarin Meta Analysis JAGS

AMDA Futures Program

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