May 5, 2020 Monthly meeting recording, slides

6 May 2020 2:11 PM | Sing Palat (Administrator)
May 5, 2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda
Noon – 1:00 PM
For theMay 5th Virtual meetingwe have two experts that will be presenting for 15 minutes each
then we will open for 30 minutes of questions. Our two experts are Christopher Czaja MD, MPH,
Infectious Disease specialist with CDPHE and Lea Watson MD, MPH, Geriatric Psychiatrist,
Behavioral Health Consultant and Educator for the LTC community.
Christopher Czaja MD will be presenting on the latest data regarding the epidemiology of
COVID-19 with a focus on LTC. Examples of questions that Dr. Czaja will address:
●What are the latest numbers of infections and deaths in LTC?
●What is our current understanding of how it spreads and the incubation period?
●Why do we think the COVID-19 infection presents in so many as asymptomatic and in
others as deadly?
●What are the predictions about a 2nd or 3rd wave?
●Is there a re-infection risk?
●Where are we with antibody testing for LTC staff and providers?
●Can residents leave their rooms using infection control practices if they are asymptomatic?
Lea Watson MD will be presenting on the behavioral health effects of COVID-19 with a focus
on staff and providers coping with stress during this crisis. Examples of questions Dr.
Watson will address:
●How do we prioritize caring for patients and caring for ourselves?
●What are some strategies for coping with a crisis on multiple fronts at once?
●Is there such a thing as emotional PPE?
●What is trauma informed care and how can we use it to cope with a crisis that is not going
away anytime soon?
●What are some self care strategies

Q&A Summary/   Self Care and Leadership - Watson Slides   /  Epidemiology COVID-19 in Colorado - Czaja Slides 

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