Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

10 Nov 2022 7:34 PM | Sing Palat (Administrator)

Click Here to Listen:  Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving (COVID-safe), with Drs. Leslie Eber and Sing Palat

Six Tips to Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

Leslie Eber MD CMD

1. Ensure everyone is vaccinated and boosted 

2. Be careful the week before: avoid going to parties and large indoor gatherings and wear a mask when you are doing things in public indoor spaces

3. Testing: everyone tests before they arrive at their destination and tests on Wednesday and Thursday. The tests aren't perfect but this will help, makes sure you have enough tests and some extra to share

4. Watch for Symptoms and test if you have them. If you have symptoms, be a hero and don't come (even if the test is negative!)

- Have a back up plan of what you will do if you or your family member is positive, plan before the gathering
5. Everyone masks when they travel (unless you are in your own car)

6. Ventilation, Crack the window, during the dinner

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