Oct 2, 2018 Agenda

2 Oct 2018 8:43 PM | Anonymous

IMPACT Act Flyer- Aug 30 2018- FINAL.pdf

IMPACT ACT- Prescriber 1 Pager FINAL 08-21-18 (JLD 082318).pdf

Telligen Podcast-Speaking Out on Pain Management Podcast.pdf

Long Term Care Facility Information Sheet for Dialysis Residents.docx

IMPACT Act Work Flow Diagram_Stand Alone- FINAL (JLD082818).pdf


  1. Introductions

  2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update

  3. Discharge Summary Review - Dr. Sing Palat

  4. Anemia and Geriatrics - Travis Neill

  5. CMDA annual Conference AND companion conference - Dr. Rebecca Boxer, Dr. Sing Palat, Allison Voss

  • Consider adding a section for PA/LTC Innovators

  1. Influenza Update - Dr. Greg Gahm

  2. Update on IMPACT- Dr. Sing Palat, Alan Miller and Dr. Greg Gahm

  3. Request for comments on the Draft of the Long Term Care Facility Information sheet for Dialysis Resident (included below)

Remember: AMDA Podcasts are available for free at https://paltc.org/podcast Sheet for Dialysis Residents

Below are the following attachments: IMPACT Act information, Telligen Podcast, Draft of the Long Term Care Facility Information

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